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So I have to rant a bit about sony, being able to put away people for restoring a feature that was originally included with the system that you bought. I mean its kinda like buying a car, and then manufacturer says. Where gonna take out the chairs, and also later we will have to remove the mirrors. What a bunch of crap, seriously. I will be hard pressed to buy another sony system in my life.

I mean look at the blogs linked below. Just dig a bit through their history and you will get an idea about what i am talking about. What is the deal with removing features with every update.

So I got a new job in Amsterdam. We packed up everything and left good old South Africa behind. So I will be posting some of the pictures

I have taken while exploring the Netherlands.  I apologize  for the bad quality for some of the photos :) Hopefully you find this interesting :)

We flew for 11 hours. And I will definitely recommend KLM to anybody, they have excelent service :) We Stayed in HTEL Amsterdam which is basically self serviced apartments located in amstelveen. Awesome hotel too be honest, and their not too expensive as well. The other pictures where taken around Amstelveen, a really awesome gemeente. So far so good :)

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I found some good tutorials on, sql blind injection.


The idea here is not about breaching websites, its about securing your site. Some common mistakes people make and ways too fix and sanitize your code. Just some good practices you can follow. I am not going to go into too detail now. But the links I posted should give you a general idea. Of what im talking about :) Definitely have to get into this whole blog posting thing again :P

Welcome too evil coders. Going to try and be dedicated to this blog and post some interesting tidbits of code. Pictures and general stuff i find interesting, security related articles etc etc.


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